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Having epilepsy is hard. Doing anything with epilepsy is harder.

These are some amazing products, art, and resources created by people with epilepsy. None of these are sponsored or paid ads. What the EF just really loves them.


If you'd like to be featured on Our Faves page, shoot a note here.  


Living Well With Epilepsy

Founded by one of our sheroes, Jessica Smith, this epilepsy lifestyle site is an invaluable resource to learn from other people's stories and get solid seizure tips. You can also share your story as a way to connect with the community. 

Check it out!

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Temporal Tees

If you use laughing as a coping mechanism like we do, then you're gonna love this merch. We don't even wanna spoil the jokes, so just go check out these T's and stickers. 

Shop here!

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Henry's Heroes

This nonprofit was founded out love from Henry's friends who wanted help with his epilepsy. From car washes to artwork, the funds are used to support other local charities or individuals struggling with epilepsy. 

Buy yourself some art!

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Alisa Kennedy Jones

Alisa is a memoirist, blogger, and screenwriter. Her book, Gotham Girl Interrupted: My Misadventures in Motherhood, Love, and Epilepsy is hilarious and poignant. Alisa has also written and been featured on NPR, TED, and the Academy Award-nominated documentary CRIP CAMP, Executive Produced by Michelle & Barack Obama.

Check out her work here and buy her book here


Where's Gramps

Caroline Parker Boyd--badass producer, epilepsy warrior, and founder of Parker Pictures--is creating a film that will pull on your heartstrings. Barri Chase (who's currently working with Helen Miren and Harrison Ford, nbd) is directing the film. Support it here!

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Lolas Luv

We both live in our cozy hoodies from LolasLuv. Founder Logan Connors' goal is to spread awareness and promote love. Can't think of a better way than with comfy clothes.  10% of all profits to the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Get your hoodie! 


MIlo & Me

This nonprofit's goal is to support teens living with epilepsy in an online support group. Milo & Me sells dope merch (like a lightbulb terrarium!) which is handmade by it's founder, Sophia. 

Get yourself something here!

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Hidden Truths Project

This beautiful nonprofit supports and promotes artists with epilepsy. The team also raised over $500,000 for epilepsy research. Every artist featured is telling their story in ways words cannot capture. 

Check out some dope artists!

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Rise Above

This site a solid resource, created by Tiffany Kairos. As an epilepsy blogger, advocate, content creator and the founder of The Epilepsy Network (TEN), Tiffany certainly has some tips, tricks, and wisdom to share on living with epilepsy.

Check it out here!

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